A Darker Tale is the collective term for everything made by me. I’m Jelle (1994) and working as a visual artist and writer. I’m currently doing a tattoo apprenticeship as well at the TattooPim tattoo studio in Alkmaar. I’m based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and I’m currently doing a Master of Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Academy in Rotterdam.  

On my website, you’ll find my original drawings, art installations and written work. My inspiration comes from the occult, popular media (especially film), psychology and religious symbols. I would describe myself as a dark artist, because of my fascination with everything that’s related to the field of horror and suspense. My art is mostly made with ballpoint and edited in Photoshop. My (short) stories have a clear premise, and most of them have a single protagonist that has to confront his fear. Diversity, feminism and inclusivity are important for me, and I always try to write with these topics in mind. I love seemingly haunted places, abandoned structures and true crime. Therefore, most of my stories are centred around violent human beings in isolated places, because for me, the supernatural is always less frightening than the darkest corners of the human mind and the terrible things a deranged human being is capable of. 

For inquiries or questions, send me an email: jellehavermans@hotmail.com.